Showcase Your Honda Brat

Showcase your Honda Brat

Showcase Your Honda Brat

Whether you just got started or your brat is ready to ride, we want to hear about it!

Tag it!

Let others know about your Honda Brat by tagging your photos with #hondabrat



To feature your Honda Brat on this site, we’ll need…

  1. Your name
  2. City, Country
  3. Year and model of your Honda (*must be a Honda)
  4. Bullet list of modifications (short or long)
  5. Photos (see specs below)

Photo Specs

  • Direct shot from right side (not too high, not too low)
  • Other angles are welcome, more shots the better
  • Bike upright as possible (ie. use block under peg)
  • Brighter is better, not too dark (natural light helps)
  • In focus
  • If your phone can do the job, by all means…





Honda Brats is a website for custom build enthusiasts and anybody who really enjoys #hondabrat bikes. We’re not worried about you trying to showcase your bike on other sites, so feel free to do so. If you’re looking to put your Honda Brat up for sale on our site, we can help you with that too.